Laptop Sleeves Manufacturing Guide – Manufacturing and Printing Laptop Sleeves

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Introduction to Custom Manufactured Laptop Sleeves, and their Manufacturing and Printing Options

Custom printed and manufactured 笔记本电脑包 are a fantastic way to add your brand and style to a simple tech accessory. The global workforce is more mobile than ever these days, working from multiple locations every day/week. From hot-desking daily to different offices and desks, working remotely from home or the local coffee shop, through to work and leisure travel where work can be done on an airplane, bus or train. Because of this, laptops and tablets are now the primary tool for productivity in today’s ever-connected global workforce, who are always online and always connected. The same applies to the education industry, where computing of one form or another is used from a very young age, all the way through schooling and the education system.

Promotional Laptop Sleeves
Promotional Laptop Sleeves

As a result of the increasing use of tablets and laptop computers, there has been a similar increase in the need for protective sleeves and bags for these devices, to avoid costly repairs that could be easily avoided through the use of a manufactured laptop sleeve.

This is where a high-quality laptop sleeve manufacturer comes in. Laptop sleeves are the best of both worlds: as thin and convenient as carrying your laptop alone, but with the protection from wear and tear that comes from a laptop bag. We’ll get into exactly what a laptop sleeve is and what it’s made from, but suffice it to say that they are the future of laptop care and security. And getting the right laptop sleeve manufacturer is top priority.

What is a laptop sleeve?

One of the most popular items of protection for a laptop or tablet computer is a sleeve. Most commonly manufactured from a durable neoprene, sleeves are a simple protection against unwanted scratches, bumps and knocks, and also keep everything together. The laptop can be inserted in the sleeve and carried by itself, or within another bag. Quite often people don’t want to carry a big laptop bag, so a sleeve can be a perfect accessory.

You can buy a generic sleeve at most electronics retailers, at quite a low cost. Simple and effective, but there is such an opportunity for extra branding on this item that goes absolutely everywhere with its user. A custom printed and manufactured laptop sleeve can be a simple way to add your branding to this accessory that will be seen everywhere.

Benefits of a fully custom printed and manufactured laptop sleeve

What do we mean when we say that you can get a custom manufactured laptop sleeve? It means that you can get whatever logo, icon, symbol or brand emblazoned on it. It means that your 笔记本电脑包 will be different from any others out there, and when people see your 笔记本电脑包 they’ll associate the carrier with your school, company, brand, or organization. 

Here are just a few of the benefits of a custom printed and manufactured laptop sleeve.

Be UniqueCustom Merchandise is an upward trend, and getting your brand on a sleeve can enhance your brand and get you coverage. Whether you want to associate your 笔记本电脑包 with a sophisticated and prestigious bank, using a classy embossed look, or associate your 笔记本电脑包 with a hip new clothing line, you can use your laptop sleeve to convey prestige or punk rock, country club or night club.

Fit and Sizebecause we custom manufacture 笔记本电脑包 from the ground up, we can make them specific to your laptops. This means that you won’t be using a generic case that could be too small or too big. These cases will be just right for you!

Branding – again, it mostly comes down to branding, and anything is possible for these sleeves. Whether you want a simple logo printed, or a full color printed sleeve with an image or full design

Quality – with 沙巴体育App you get quality, backed up with a warranty and money-back guarantee

Colors – we can color match to your styling and colors, so essentially what you can dream, we can produce!

Manufacturing Laptop Sleeves

At 沙巴体育App we manufacture  笔记本电脑包 with any logo or design, from the ground up, ensuring our customers get exactly what they want. From custom neoprene colors to the perfect sizing for their devices, through to printing and final customization of graphics.


We manufacture 笔记本电脑包 from durable neoprene. Neoprene is also known as polychloroprene, and is part of a family of synthetic rubbers. Neoprene exhibits a fantastic flexibility over a wide range of temperatures, and is very strong and able to withstand a lot. Neoprene is used in the manufacturing of many different products and applications, from 笔记本电脑包, through to orthopedic braces for limbs, wetsuits for surfing through to automotive parts such as fan belts.

Neoprene Sleeve Swatches
Neoprene Sleeve Swatches

We also use a zipper or a fold close on our sleeves. The zipper is the most popular close system, and the zipper on the horizontal (long) side is the most popular zipper position. We use a high quality large zipper. This is because large zippers are most often stronger than smaller ones, withstanding more pulling forces, and tending to not break nearly as easily. This is important for being part of a product that will be opened and closed a lot, and subject to a range of forces and uses. From school kids’ everyday use through to professionals, it is better to be safe than sorry, and when a zip fails the product dies.


These sleeves are carefully produced using high quality neoprene, high quality zippers and high quality thread, to ensure a durable and robust product. They are manufactured using commercial machines, and strict quality control is done of the end product to ensure a consistent product.

Types of Printing and Customization of 沙巴体育App Laptop Sleeves

Depending on a few factors such as quantity required, your budget and what you would like on the sleeves, we have multiple options available for the final customization and printing of 笔记本电脑包. We can print on one side, both sides, a simple single color logo or a complex design. The following are typically how we print on our 笔记本电脑包;

1. Silk/Screen Printing on Sleeves – this is the most economical and simple way to print on a sleeve. We use a durable garment dye that won’t scratch off, rub off or peel off. These can be printed in up to four colors, directly onto the neoprene. The positives of this is that it is easy and relatively cost-effective, whereas the negative aspect of this is that the print cannot be as detailed.

2. Heat Transfer Printing – if you have a photo or a complex design, we can use a heat transfer method for printing the sleeves. This is great when you have a complex design, and a base sleeve color that you want to maintain. For example we could manufacture a blue sleeve, and put your design on the top. So you have the blue sleeve and the artwork as well, the best of both worlds really

3. Digital CMYK Printingwhen you have a complex and whole sleeve design, we can also do this without having to produce large amounts of custom neoprene. Essentially we can use a custom made neoprene to digitally (UV Digital Print) print your CMYK artwork. Once we have your artwork printed, we then turn this custom printed neoprene into a sleeve. This is great when you have a complex design or a design with a color gradient that you really want

How to get your own custom manufactured 笔记本电脑包

I’ts not too hard, we just need a few details and we can get you quotes, artwork, lead times and pricing.

We will just need to know;
– how many do you need?
– for which device? Or if multiple devices then please list either the devices or the sizes that you require
– what color would you like them to be? If you can send through style guides, brand guidelines that list your corporate colors, in pantone, cmyk, whatever you have
– what would you like printed on them? A picture, logo, both? Please send through artwork in source format or the highest resolution you have it in
– when and where do you need them? This is important so we can let you know what is possible or not given your timing requirements

Once we have this information we can get back to you with some options, artwork proofs, pricing and lead times.

From there we will typically find you a color match for the neoprene if you need one, and then we can get started on sampling. Typically it would go like this;
– we send a random sample so you can check the quality
– we color match your color with a neoprene
– once approved, we manufacture your pre-production sample and send it to you via courier for your final approval
– once approved, we continue with full manufacturing of your sleeves
– once completed, we typically express freight your sleeves to you

How much do manufactured 笔记本电脑包 cost?

This is a bit of a difficult question when talking custom-made sleeves. In a way it’s like going to a car yard and saying you want a car. But it’s not that easy because there are endless possibilities. First the brand, then the model, then all the options of each model. It’s a bit the same with sleeves. It will depend on the quantity you need, how quickly you need them, the size of the sleeve, and what you need printed on them.

Why 沙巴体育App for your Custom Manufactured Laptop Sleeves?

Price – we don’t say we’re the cheapest, but we do think we make sensational sleeves that are good value for money.
Quality – we make quality sleeves
Warranty – our sleeves are backed by a warranty
Money-Back Guarantee – we guarantee our sleeves. If you don’t like the final product we will refund you
Experience – we make and have made sleeves for a huge range of companies for many years, and so we know what’s required and how to make good looking and great quality sleeves

Custom Laptop Sleeve Case Studies

School Laptop Sleeves

Schools like sleeves because they can fit in a backpack or laptop bag. Students are notorious for taking one thing or another, and for helping laptops break.. A school laptop sleeve can be an easy preventative measure to at least give them another layer of protection. St Brigid’s contacted us to make some simple sleeves for a custom device. They wanted their school emblem printed on the sleeve, a folding closure, and a white space down the bottom that could be used to write down students’ names. A great looking custom sleeve! This was a heat transfer printed sleeve.

Custom School Laptop Sleeves
Custom School Laptop Sleeves

Corporate Laptop Sleeves for the Health-care Sector
A similar sleeve that we made for a health-care customer in the UK. This sleeve was screen printed.

Custom Manufactured Sleeves
Custom Manufactured Sleeves

Promotional Laptop Sleeves
A sleeve we made for a customer that was completely printed front and back. These sleeves were made for a custom specified device, with a complex print that required a full cover digital UV print. they were printed on both sides.

Printed Laptop Sleeves
Printed Laptop Sleeves

We have made custom 笔记本电脑包 in bulk in both large and relatively small quantities, for a large number of education, health-care, corporate and also small businesses. We work individually with each customer to determine their requirements, all the way from the start to the end, to ensure full satisfaction with everything that we do.

If you are interested in getting some sleeves made, get in touch with us, let us know your requirements, and we will guide you the rest of the way. All the way to your own custom sleeve paradise!

Our custom manufactured 笔记本电脑包 are truly a cut above the rest, in look, design, protection, and portability. Say goodbye to chunky laptop bags and say hello to the new and different manufactured 笔记本电脑包.

Thanks very much for reading this, I hope I have provided you with some insight into the world of sleeves, which isn’t very secret but is slightly interesting in our eyes anyway!

For more information on getting your own Custom Laptop Sleeves get in touch with 沙巴体育App. We are experts in the production and branding of Custom Laptop Sleeves. Whether you want a custom sleeve with a logo, or a full multi-color laptop sleeve with different design elements, 沙巴体育App knows everything there is to know about Customizing and Manufacturing 笔记本电脑包.